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Dexcom is a leading manufacturer of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems that help make life easier for people with diabetes. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in San Diego, California.

Dexcom's CGM system, the Dexcom G6, is an innovative device that continuously measures blood glucose levels and provides real-time information about them to the user. The system consists of a sensor that is placed under the skin and a receiver that records data from the sensor and sends it to a mobile device or pump. The system can also be used with an optional touchscreen receiver.

One of the outstanding features of the Dexcom G6 is that it does not require calibration. This means that the user does not have to calibrate the sensor manually, which simplifies and speeds up the process. The sensor is also waterproof and can be worn while swimming or showering.

The Dexcom G6 also has an alarm function that notifies users when their blood glucose is too high or too low. This is especially useful for people who experience fluctuations in blood glucose levels or those who have trouble detecting hypoglycemia.

The latest product from Dexcom is the Dexcom G7. The G7 is smaller and thinner than the G6 and has a longer life span. The G7 also comes with an easy to use pre-filled sensor, which makes changing the sensor easier and more convenient.

Both devices, the G6 and the G7, are part of an open system that is compatible with other devices such as insulin pumps and smartphones. This offers users flexibility and the ability to customize the system to their needs.

Overall, Dexcom's CGM systems have helped make life easier for millions of people with diabetes and improve their treatment.