Dexcom G7 fixation strap / holder


Protect yourself from the unexpected loss of your Dexcom G7 sensor. Whether it's during sports, swimming, jogging or other activities. Our Dexcom G7 Fixation Tape gives you more security in everyday life!

  • Pleasant Wearing comfort due to flexible material
  • high quality adjustable bracelet for the optimal hold
  • Suitable for the new Dexcom G7 sensor (Fixation tape for the Dexcom G6 sensor is available here)
  • choose from 6 Holder- and 17 bracelet colors (can be combined as desired)
  • interchangeable & hand sewn strap for an impressive variety of colors
  • The bracelet clips have the same color as the selected holder color
  • CE marking | Accessories for medical device according to medical device regulation (2017/745)
Unaudited overall ratings (8 customer reviews)

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Find the right size for you

Our fixation straps can be easily adjusted to your individual size with 2 fastening clips. We offer 3 standard sizes, each of which can be adjusted by 10 cm:

Small15 - 25cm
Medium25 - 35cm
Large35 - 45cm

To find the right size, simply measure your arm circumference. If your circumference is close to the upper limit of the size, we recommend not ordering a size larger.

If you need an extra size, that's no problem and won't cost you any more! Simply order the "large" size and add the desired extra length in the order comment. Our logistics team will then be happy to take this comment into account for you! The special length can then also be easily adjusted and made tighter.

When you have a Dexcom G7 sensor, you know the problem: when you sweat or during sports activities such as jogging, swimming or others, the sensor adhesive often comes off, which can cause the sensor to fall off at inopportune moments and you no longer get any blood glucose readings. A real nightmare for diabetics!

But with the Dexcom G7 Fixation Tape from DiaBrothers this problem is a thing of the past!

Our Dexcom G7 Holder is made of a soft, flexible plastic that is UV and weather resistant as well as waterproof. Thanks to an elaborate 3D printing process, the surface is smooth and comfortable to wear on the skin. The hand-sewn adjustable wrist strap has a thickness of 1.5mm and is made of 84% polyester and 16% latex, which ensures good stretchability and durability. The fixation strap is washable at 40°.

Even if you suffer from a plaster allergy and have used additional tape so far, you can still do without the Dexcom G7 Fixation Tape change

Particularly practical: the innovative attachment of the wristbands allows them to be easily exchanged to customize the Dexcom G7 holder to your own taste or wardrobe.

Choose from 17 bracelet colors:

Save with our % promotions:

  • From a quantity of 2 you get 10% discount
  • From a quantity of 3 you get 15% discount
  • From a quantity of 5 you get 20% discount
  • On matching holder without bracelet in more colors or as extra holder for different bracelet colors you get 50% discount
  • On colored interchangeable bracelets you get 20% discount

8 reviews for Dexcom G7 Fixierband / Halter

  1. Bea -

    I am totally grateful for the fast and uncomplicated delivery. I ordered the wrong item and was offered an exchange without any problems. Great product and very comfortable to wear. Fixation strap does what it promises! Thank you very much, I feel much safer with it!

    Verified purchase. More information

  2. János Kapitány -

    Top product again. The strap holds super and gives a secure feeling.
    Fast delivery. Always happy 👌👌

    Verified purchase. More information

  3. János Kapitány -

    Top product again. Fast delivery. Always happy 👌👌

    Verified purchase. More information

  4. Uschi Rohde -

    Ordered for the second time. Everything is great.

    Verified purchase. More information

  5. Dietmar Siedel -

    Finally holding the G7 sensors from Dexcom. Had ordered the wrong size at first, but now I have the larger band and it is comfortable to wear.
    I don't understand the Yanks, the manufacturers of the sensors.
    Flying on the moon works, but making a usable glue so that the sensors also hold, that might be where some brainpower is missing.
    But I finally have one less problem thanks to "DiaBrothers".
    I can absolutely recommend !

    Verified purchase. More information

  6. Engelbert Fangmayer -

    The fixing tape is a great help!!!
    Since I do a lot of sports and sweat accordingly, the fixation patches from Dexcom are constantly loosening.
    This can be prevented with the fixing tape.
    Absolutely recommended!!!

    Verified purchase. More information

  7. Nadine Timm -

    We are newcomers to the diabetes cosmos through our child. So that everything stays in place when playing and swimming, I ordered a band. This works so well that I immediately ordered 3 more bands. The color selection is great.
    I found the wipes for removing the plaster residue super. However, they are quite expensive. Probably justified, but everyone must decide for themselves.
    Delivery was prompt and reliable. Customer service was confident and friendly.
    Overall absolutely recommendable!

    Verified purchase. More information

  8. Dieter Zinke -

    As a user of the Dexcom G7 sensor , it is currently still quite difficult to find accessories of any kind . Here I was found , especially for the vacation season , addressed , the bath time , to find a protection of the sensor against a possible loss while swimming , or snorkeling in the sea .
    Desired color of the band and the holder pick and quickly arrived the article in really good quality . Beautifully adjustable and secure hold .
    Absolutely recommendable .

    Verified purchase. More information

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