Omnipod fixation strap / holder


Protect yourself from the unexpected loss of your Omnipod / Omnipod Dash. Whether you're playing sports, swimming, jogging or doing other activities. Our Omnipod fixation strap gives you more security in everyday life!

  • Pleasant Wearing comfort due to flexible material
  • high quality adjustable bracelet for the optimal hold
  • choose from 6 Holder- and 17 bracelet colors (can be combined as desired)
  • interchangeable & hand sewn strap for an impressive variety of colors
  • The bracelet clips have the same color as the selected holder color
  • CE marking | Accessories for medical device according to medical device regulation (2017/745)
Unaudited overall ratings (13 customer reviews)

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Find the right size for you

Our fixation straps can be easily adjusted to your individual size with 2 fastening clips. We offer 3 standard sizes, each of which can be adjusted by 10 cm:

Small15 - 25cm
Medium25 - 35cm
Large35 - 45cm

To find the right size, simply measure your arm circumference. If your circumference is close to the upper limit of the size, we recommend not ordering a size larger.

If you need an extra size, that's no problem and won't cost you any more! Simply order the "large" size and add the desired extra length in the order comment. Our logistics team will then be happy to take this comment into account for you! The special length can then also be easily adjusted and made tighter.

Anyone who has a Omnipod insulin pump knows the problem: The adhesive often comes off during activities such as sweating, jogging, sports or swimming, which can cause the sensor to fall off in inappropriate situations and no longer display any blood glucose values. An absolute nightmare for every diabetic!

Our Omnipod fixation strap from DiaBrothers solves this problem! The holder can also be used for the Omnipod Dash.

Even if you have a patch allergy and have been using additional tape to fix your Omnipod insulin pump, you can do without it in the future.

Our Omnipod holder consists of flexible and soft plastic, which is UV and weather resistant as well as waterproof. Through an elaborate 3D printing process, the surface is smooth and comfortable to wear on the skin. The adjustable wristband we sew by hand has a thickness of 1.5mm and is 84% polyester and 16% latex. It is very stretchy and durable. The fixation strap is washable at 40 °C.

If you want to fix your Omnipod System to your abdomen, feel free to contact us to make a longer strap for you.

Thanks to our innovative attachment options for the wristbands, you can replace them at will and customize your Omnipod holder customize to your taste or wardrobe.

Choose from 17 bracelet colors:

Save with our % promotions:

  • From a quantity of 2 you get 10% discount
  • From a quantity of 3 you get 15% discount
  • From a quantity of 5 you get 20% discount
  • On more color interchangeable bracelets you get 20% discount
  • On matching holder without bracelet in more colors or as extra holder for different bracelet colors you get 50% discount

13 reviews for Omnipod Fixierband / Halter

  1. Andreas Schmidt -

    The goods correspond to the description. Fast delivery and good handling. I am very happy with this fixation tape, it holds the pod securely in place and my skin no longer has itchy reactions. When fixing with additional tape, this was my most unpleasant side effects. I can only recommend it!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  2. Henry -

    Super quality! Fits perfectly!

    Verified purchase. More information

  3. John -

    Unfortunately, it did not work for our seven-year-old son. Through the tape he has even more surface on which he can play around and scratch, and thus the Omnipod was torn off within a very short time (the aim of the holder was to avoid exactly this without even more plaster).
    Material and appearance but good and certainly suitable for others.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  4. Helmut Kütbach -

    Was delivered within a few days, fits like a glove, does not bother at all, is hardly noticeable!
    I have not torn off a pump since I started wearing the fixation strap, although I have gotten caught every now and then!

    Verified purchase. More information

  5. Rita Kolbe -

    I am very satisfied. But would like to place another order?

    Verified purchase. More information

  6. Klaus Günter Richnow -

    simply super

    Verified purchase. More information

  7. Uli -

    Mega, super top service.
    Even special requests are realized.
    For this 2x 5stars

    Verified purchase. More information

  8. Cool -

    Simple, safe, practical and comfortable. Clear recommendation

    Verified purchase. More information

  9. Bettina Berger -

    Have long been annoyed that when drying or when I grazed the door frame, the Omnipods came off and fell down. No longer happens thanks to this practical system! Thank you!
    Should be prescribed or supplied by the company at the same time, saves them a lot of money.
    If you neglect the aesthetics of such a belt--good that you offer different colors!

    Verified purchase. More information

  10. Fritzl -

    The Omnipods always have to be additionally fixed, otherwise they detach prematurely. Previously, I had always used Kinesio Tape or Fixomull. With the holders offered here, but now exists a more than equivalent alternative, which is in their colorful versions with colorful strap also still nice to look at.

    I usually wear my Omnipods on my upper arm, thigh and stomach. Unfortunately, the holder and strap only work on the upper arm due to the system. On the abdomen because of the strap length and on the thigh, the vibrations during walking lead to slipping of the holder. So here continue other attachments.
    However, I would not want to miss the comfort for the upper arm in the future.
    Super product!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  11. Andre Angel -

    Processing is super

    Not verified purchase. More information

  12. Brigitte Kampitsch -

    Very good wearing comfort.
    Excellent customer service, if you have any questions they respond immediately.
    Thank you

    Not verified purchase. More information

  13. Alexandra Agatsiotis -

    Good fit and works exactly as desired.

    Not verified purchase. More information

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