Enlite fixation strap / holder


Protect yourself from the unexpected loss of your Enlite or Guardian 3/4 Sensors. Whether playing sports, swimming, jogging or other activities. Our Enlite fixation tape gives you more security in everyday life!

  • Pleasant Wearing comfort due to flexible material
  • high quality adjustable bracelet for the optimal hold
  • choose from 6 Holder- and 17 bracelet colors (can be combined as desired)
  • interchangeable & hand sewn strap for an impressive variety of colors
  • The bracelet clips have the same color as the selected holder color
  • CE marking | Accessories for medical device according to medical device regulation (2017/745)
Unaudited overall ratings (30 customer reviews)

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Find the right size for you

Our fixation straps can be easily adjusted to your individual size with 2 fastening clips. We offer 3 standard sizes, each of which can be adjusted by 10 cm:

Small15 - 25cm
Medium25 - 35cm
Large35 - 45cm

To find the right size, simply measure your arm circumference. If your circumference is close to the upper limit of the size, we recommend not ordering a size larger.

If you need an extra size, that's no problem and won't cost you any more! Simply order the "large" size and add the desired extra length in the order comment. Our logistics team will then be happy to take this comment into account for you! The special length can then also be easily adjusted and made tighter.

Everyone who wears an Enlite sensor knows the problem. When sweating or other activities such as jogging, sports or swimming, the sensor adhesive sometimes comes off and it is not uncommon for the sensor to fall off or come loose in inappropriate situations and you therefore no longer receive blood glucose readings. The absolute nightmare for a diabetic!

The Enlite fixation tape from DiaBrothers solves your problem! The holder fits the Guardian 3/4 and Enlite sensor.

Even if you have a plaster allergy and you have so far additionally fixed your Enlite sensor with tape, you can do without it in the future.

Our Enlite holder consists of a flexible and soft plastic, which is UV and weather resistant and waterproof. Through a complex 3D printing process, the Surface smooth and comfortable to wear on the skin. The adjustable as well as hand-sewn wristband has a thickness of 1.5 mm and is made of 84% polyester and 16% latex. It has very good stretch and durability. The fixation strap is washable at 40°.

Our innovative wristband attachment allows you to change them at will and customize your Enlite holder to suit your taste or wardrobe.

Choose from 17 bracelet colors:

Save with our % promotions:

  • From a quantity of 2 you get 10% discount
  • From a quantity of 3 you get 15% discount
  • From a quantity of 5 you get 20% discount
  • On more color interchangeable bracelets you get 20% discount
  • On matching holder without bracelet in more colors or as extra holder for different bracelet colors you get 50% discount

30 reviews for Enlite Fixierband / Halter

  1. Franz Krätschmer -

    Good product
    Delivered quickly

    Verified purchase. More information

  2. Uwe Stark -

    I haven't tried the holder yet, as I will soon be switching from PEN to pump. However, I have already used the holders for Freestyle 2&3 and was very impressed. It wasn't as successful with tapes as with the holders.
    Again and again.

    Verified purchase. More information

  3. Kathryn Allen -

    EXCELLENT product!!!
    My husband is allergic to Medtronic's Guardian4's fixing tape. This product is easy to use and holds the sensor firmly in place. I can, without any reservationa,recommend this DiaBrothers product to all diabetics using Medtronic sensors- even those who are not allergic to the fixing tape!!!!

    Verified purchase. More information

  4. Bauer-Duziak -

    simply super and soothing

    Verified purchase. More information

  5. Alva -

    Keeps with any activity. Especially after swimming and without the stickers that are actually with the sensor. I find the hold and stability of the bracelet great... Sensor is well fixed and is hardly noticeable. In contrast to the klebezeug. Is so far worn by me in black... Highly recommended

    Verified purchase. More information

  6. Axel Wellmann -

    It is super the fixation tape and am very satisfied with it and I can only recommend
    With kind regards

    Verified purchase. More information

  7. Peter Hartmann -

    Just great, I'm also a side sleeper, have no problems with it. Also works only on the arm.

    Verified purchase. More information

  8. Rafel -

    Perfecte, encaixa perfectament amb el transmisor i sensor, així no cal posar els aposits tan engorrosos i que normalment es despleguen avans dels 7 dies i més si fas esport, fins ara ja portava una banda elàstica al braç per subjectar el transmisor ja que els aposits ja no me'ls posava, vaig trobar aquest lloc web per casualitat i ni estic encantat amb aquest suport en el meu cas per Guardian de Medtronic

    Verified purchase. More information

  9. Bettina cuddle -

    I find the holder also super.try it still swimming

    Verified purchase. More information

  10. Sina -

    My daughter has been wearing the band for a few days now and thinks it's great. The customer service is also super friendly. We will order another one to change :-)

    Verified purchase. More information

  11. Ben -

    Previously worked exclusively with plasters / tapes. This tape makes that superfluous. I am very satisfied.

    Verified purchase. More information

  12. Rudi Rosenberg -

    After the first week, I am totally thrilled. For me, it is the perfect solution to wear the Guardian CGM from Medtronic alternatively on the arm and thus relieve the stomach, which is already burdened enough by the pump. No more sticky and awkward to handle patches - it's easy on the skin and the transmitter doesn't have to be cleaned of patch residue. Good thing - for me. Anyone looking for alternatives should give it a try.

    Verified purchase. More information

  13. Nicole -

    I'm glad I ordered the fixing tape, absolutely great. Have otherwise always bought expensive tapes to mask, I need fortunately no longer. Highly recommended 👍👍👍👍

    Not verified purchase. More information

  14. Peter Volmer -

    was a bit skeptical at first, I am an active retiree, have a garden and am also
    craft in progress. Always had problems with taping the Guardian 3,
    because the plasters constantly loosen and you quickly got stuck. I have now tested the fixation tape 3 weeks and I must say it fixes the sensor quite well and there were no problems.
    Unfortunately, I find it difficult to use only the fixing tape during water activities, I then tape the sensor with a shower plaster beforehand and then put the fixing tape over it. How are your experiences. Am curious how the tape behaves in the summer from the skin.

    Verified purchase. More information

  15. Guido -

    Actually a really good part. For normal everyday life and sports certainly suitable. I have it at the first wearing probably set too tight, so that the band has cut quite. Would it but reluctantly looser put since I need something on the site that keeps the sensor in place.
    I will keep trying....

    Verified purchase. More information

    • DiaBrothers.com -

      Hello Guido, The fixation strap should not be too tight under any circumstances. It should not press and you should not feel it when wearing. Then it is perfectly adjusted :-)

  16. Adelheid Gebauer -

    I would not have believed it but at Aqua Fit, Gymnastic in the water, really top!

    Verified purchase. More information

  17. Monika Gödecke -

    I am thrilled no more sticking the fixing tape holds super I can only recommend.

    Verified purchase. More information

  18. Horst Stoll -

    I am quite positively surprised, because the tape and the holder work very well. At work, it holds even better than the patches.

    Verified purchase. More information

  19. Susanne -

    My son is 14 (diabetic for 2 years) and very athletic, plays soccer among other things. Until now, he has always additionally fixed his Guardian 3 with a tape. Recently, however, skin irritations have increased. So we came across this site with the fixation tape. He is satisfied. The size is also fine.

    Verified purchase. More information

  20. Beckum -

    For athletes an absolute "must have" - finally no more additional fixations to be safe even over long distances of running or swimming.
    Too bad only afterwards it was apparent that when buying 2 bands with holder the second band 50% is cheaper - then I would have ordered 2 right away. I am thrilled!

    Verified purchase. More information

  21. Monika Seidinger -

    Have ordered me one. The tape is very nicely finished and also holds super. Finally, no more additional sticking, which then again does not hold anyway. I am very satisfied. Only at night I can not use it because I am a side sleeper.

    Verified purchase. More information

  22. Catrin Habel -

    My daughter is 3 and she wears the sensor on her thigh. It fits and holds great. No more annoying fixation with tape or bandages necessary. Have now ordered all the tapes in rainbow colors to change!

    Verified purchase. More information

  23. Silke Haking -

    One of the best inventions for sensors. I have had diabetes since 2016 and have been using CGM sensors since then. Until now I always had to tape them
    fix, which was really not optimal. Now I'm changing from Dexcom to the Enlite accidentally stumbled upon this site and ordered immediately, because I found the idea great. And now after 1 week of wearing I can only say that it is the best holding system there is. The sensors are held super without being additionally glued and the wear is super comfortable. You hardly notice it and even when sleeping it does not bother at all. Will definitely order more to have other colors to match the clothes.
    In any case, my recommendation is that everyone who wears a sensor should buy one. No matter if Enlite, Dexcom or Libre. It is just perfect !

    Not verified purchase. More information

  24. Anette Schenk -

    According to the circumference of my upper arm I ordered size M, is a little too wide for me and tighter I can not.
    Otherwise, good workmanship and now it must withstand everyday use.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  25. Angela Schuster-Steinmetz -

    So far, all is well for our son, who has an allergy to plasters.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  26. Muhammed Seckin -

    I think it's great just perfectly done so simple but ingenious no more annoying klebel sensor on it and live everyday life again. there bother you also no more türramen. can sports and swimming and shower with it.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  27. Janine Gille -

    Am totally happy with it. Super material. Holds very well with every movement. I am in elderly care and have to do different movements. It holds in every situation.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  28. Nadine summer -

    He fits and sits great with our daughter. Holds even at the Gardetanz. It is nice that the material is soft. Too bad that the color selection is quite small.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  29. Thomas Martin -

    Got the holder and the colorful ribbons for our daughter.
    Everything fits and sits super.
    Especially good for swimming and physical education.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  30. Oldenburg -

    I ordered the set in red for my son and he finds it totally super. You no longer need to mask extra and that's great. The only thing was, unfortunately, there is not in green. 😉

    Not verified purchase. More information

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